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El ingenioso genovés – Cristóbal Colón

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In 1485, an unknown Christopher Columbus came to Salamanca in search of support for his utopian expedition to sail to India across the Atlantic Ocean.

At this time it was already known that the earth was round but the existence of America was not known. 

A dark legend criticizes the attitude of the city of Salamanca, for having rejected the sailor's project. However, we now know that his plan didn’t have a foundation and the project was not viable. The distance that Columbus estimated to reach India, China and Japan, was even smaller than the distance to the Caribbean islands, which are much much closer. The Caribbean islands were found by accident in 1492. 

The city of Salamanca shows their appreciation to the controversial sailor by dedicating him a square where his statue stands and still points to the wrong direction of where he thought India was. (Image source)

El colón volvió a Salamanca en 1505, pero con la gota y el artritis. La estrella colombina ya no brillaba y la Corte pasaba de él para todo lo relacionado con las Indias. Iba a permanecer  más de cuatro meses y medio en Salamanca, intentando cobrar las cantidades que le debía la Corona.

He also appears in the emblem on the Plaza Mayor. (Image source: Wikipedia)

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