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5 Reasons to visit Salamanca if you are a young traveler

They say that we can never have everything in life. When we are young we have time, we have energy but we don’t have any money. When we are working adults we have energy, we have money but we don't have time. And when we are old we have time, we have money but we don’t have energy. That’s why we must pick the trips we go on at every stage of our life carefully. Salamanca is a very nice city to visit at any age, but if we consider that young travelers have plenty of time and energy, but don’t have much money ... Salamanca is the ideal place for them to visit! 

It is quite cheap here


Salamanca is a small city, therefore prices are affordable. Compared to other parts of Spain and Europe, it is very cheap to eat, drink, stay or travel in our city. To give you an idea, the city bus ticket costs €1.05, a coffee costs approximately €1.40, you can get a beer with a good “tapa” for about 3 euros and good cocktails for 3 or 4 euros. Now that the souls of you students and drunks out there are soothed, so let’s move on to the next bit...

There are a lot of parties


Salamanca es una de las ciudades más famosas en España por su fiesta. Muchos jóvenes de todo el país viajan a Salamanca en algún momento de su vida para pasar una noche de desfase aquí. Hay muchos bares de muchos estilos diferentes, desde ambientes más chillout, alternativos, música electrónica, música comercial hasta bares más refinados donde tomar cocteles súper pijos con buena música. Salamanca tiene una fiesta apta para todos los públicos, y lo mejor…hay fiesta todos los días de la semana si sabes buscarla, nosotros te enseñamos, tranquilo. Echale un vistazo al artículo «Hallowed be thy Party Salamanca«.

Multiculturalism and the university

The University of Salamanca is one of the oldest in Spain, also one of the most famous and favorite to enjoy an international exchange program or The Erasmus program. This gives Salamanca two bonus features, during the school year it is a city full of young students, and it is also a very multicultural city. There are always people from different cultures combining their cultures together. In addition, the city has adapted and there are now music events by bands and singers from different countries, language exchanges in coffee shops, bars known for making traditional food from other countries ... We are super open and we are very used to the "guiris" (that is also the word we use to talk about foreign people).

History and art

The history of Salamanca is endless as well as the works of art found in it. At every step you will find a monument, a church, an exhibition hall, a university building, a place with a legend behind it ... If you are passionate about history and art you definitely have to come to Salamanca for at least for 2 or 3 days because all the "geeks of history and art" we know, regret not coming for longer.

Food and drinks


O.H. M.Y. G.O.D (Janice's Voice from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.). Food and drinks in Salamanca are simply amazing. With every single day Salamanca is becoming a more and more gourmet city. There are always more bars and restaurants being opened that pay attention to the elaboration of their dishes to always include more new products and techniques and all of that at a very affordable price. There is a wide variety of wines from nearby regions to try. There are also many local products and traditional food that will take you on a trip to the past. You will feel as if all our grandmothers were cooking for you. In addition Salamanca has almost as many bars as inhabitants and the atmosphere in the majority of them is festive and joyful. On the USE-IT map we tell you which ones are our favorite ones.

Conclusion: You will leave Salamanca, more cultured, fatter, happier, much more open minded, and above all, having saved money. Is there anything else you could ask from a city?

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